The Best Art Galleries in California

The art scene in California is incredible so it’s no wonder that it attracts people from all corners of the world. This U.S state is overflowing with top artists that produce innovative and unique artwork that bring something fresh to the world of art. When exploring what art California offers you will not only find local art but international too. The art galleries and museums include a collection of some of the best art from all over the world. Although there are still many famous collections that are held in private hands, there is also an enormous amount available to the public. So don’t miss out! We want to give you some recommendations on art galleries or museums to check out when you visit. Of course, this is just a smaller percentage from a very extensive list. But here are some of our favourite places in California (we promise you art lovers won’t be disappointed)…

ACCI Gallery

Arts & Crafts Cooperation (ACCI) is based in North Berkeley’s Gourmet District. This gallery aims to bring local talents together and showcase their artwork to help the success of their careers. And there’s always an incredible wide-range of artworks for people to view! It’s almost impossible to get bored of visiting this gallery. They’ve had many famous past exhibitions and much anticipated upcoming ones. The most popular past exhibitions include ‘Waste Not Want Not’ and ‘The Book of Secrets’ which can all be found online at present. This art gallery is extremely popular because of its immense support of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement that protests and stands against inequality. They’ve held exhibitions such as ‘Art of Resilience: Black Artists Surviving and Thriving in the Bay Area’ (2020). And they continue to represent black artists and give them a platform to showcase their artwork.

Gefen Fine Art

Gefen Fine Art is located in San Francisco, just a short walk from the famous Union Square. This gallery only showcases contemporary art. It brings together the artwork of talented contemporary artists from all over the world. So if you visit Gefen you will be lucky enough to view a huge variety of different styles and approaches to contemporary art. It brings modern art to a new level! You will find art by some very recognisable names in the art world. Such as Craig Alan, Patrick Rubinstein, Joel Amit, Falcone, David Hollier, Georges Monfils and many more successful names. It’s also very typical to find emerging artists work there too! They support many artists that they can see potential in. The gallery is the epitome of innovation. And the best part? there are three Gefen Fine Art galleries dotted over America. The other two are located in Jersey City and Sant Francisco.

Galerie Elektra

Galerie Elektra is located in Sausalito right across from the Golden Gate Bridge. It has received a 4.8-star rating on trip advisor and has become a popular tourist attraction. This gallery offers affordable innovative art mostly from international artists that have decided to settle down in the Bay area. So it’s a place for local artists to showcase their talent! You can find installations, sculptures, oil on canvas paintings and watercolours. The art pieces come from many well-known local artists. Such as Anna Lady, Boldrin Bros, Rozer, Divari, Dmitry Mkrtchyan, Francesco Pelleschi, Suzanne Bee, Freedman and many more big names.

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