Incredible Art Masterpieces in Las Vegas Casinos

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is known for its bustling nightlife and popular gambling scene. Thousands travel from all corners of the world to experience the nightlife and hit some of the worlds best casinos! The city has so much to offer including shopping, fine dining, entertainment and spectacular art. The feeling you get whilst walking around Las Vegas is indescribable. The city is full of vibrance and colour which gives you a buzz for life. And there’s a huge amount of popular tourist attractions that you’ll want to tick off your bucket list. Las Vegas has intertwined a thriving art scene and an energetic nightlife flawlessly. It features world-class art that you’ll find almost everywhere, whether its in streets, alleyways, cafes, theatres or casinos – there’s charismatic and distinctive art masterpieces everywhere. It might just be the best city in American for its artistic value!

Although you can opt for many guided tours of the art hidden around the city, it’s much more enjoyable to explore it yourself. Just make sure you do your research beforehand (read on to find out some suggestions). The benefits of exploring the cities art for yourself is that you can do things on your watch. So, if you’re visiting the art in one of our suggested casinos, you can tie some gambling in with it too. You’ll have the freedom and can have even more fun! Because no one likes to be rushed. It will be hard not to fall in love with the artistic value of this city. So make sure your cameras ready, you’ll want to capture these beautiful pieces to share with others!

Here are some top pieces places we suggest to visit to see some incredible pieces of art…

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Wynn Las Vegas is a five-star hotel and casino that you won’t want to miss out on. It’s located on the Las Vegas Strip and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world each year. It’s now been voted one of the highest-rated resort hotels in the world! If this isn’t a big enough reason to visit, we don’t know what is. The interior design of this hotel and casino is beautiful, it oozes elegance and sophistication. There’s a breathtaking waterfall projection display in the evenings. It lights up the whole lobby and is very mystical and exciting to watch. It also features a well-organised gaming floor. Which offers a top-notch gaming experience with many ultra-modern slots and table games. And to top it off, it features many beautiful pieces of art that some tourists visit specifically to see.

The Wynns Hotel & Casino possess a large amount of artistic value and offers distinctive masterpieces by many different artists. Upon entering this hotel you will be presented with an indoor flower garden which features the $33.6 million famous tulip sculpture by the renowned artist Jeff Koons. It’s made from colourful stainless steel, bronze and aluminium and is arranged into a bouquet of tulips. And it’s an incredible 41 feet tall! It symbolises remembrance and healing. The Wynns you can also find the famous “Smiling King Bear”. This multicoloured 16 feet bear was created by the artist Okuda San Miguel’s and has become a popular landmark in the city. The beautiful and stylish art is undoubtedly the main reason that this hotel has become one of the most popular hotels and casinos to visit in Las Vegas. It will make even the grumpiest of people crack a smile!

The Venetian Las Vegas Resort & Casino

The Venetian Resort & Casino is without a doubt the most extraordinary hotel and casino that Las Vegas has to offer. Almost every Las Vegas guide book will recommend it! It’s also located on the Las Vegas Strip and is close to many popular tourist attractions, so makes a fantastic choice for accommodation during your stay. Many high-end shops and restaurants are a short walking distance away. Although, you probably won’t want to leave as The Venetian features many different high-quality restaurants on its premises. So whatever cuisine you fancy, you can rest assured that this resort has got you covered. The inital beauty of the Venetian upon entrance will blow you away. It features high ceilings and a luxurious interior. There is also a casino floor which is extremely impressive and offers an extensive list of slot and table games. And there are weekly tournaments! What’s not to love?

The art masterpieces in The Venetian will blow you away and make your trip to Las Vegas a 5-star one. Upon entering you will be taken back by the incredible 12 feet high ”LOVE” Art installation with a beautiful backdrop of the Waterfall Atrium. This installation was created by artist Laura Kimpton as a part of her Monumental Word Series. She is well-known and famous around the world for her large-scale art and artistic talents. Her fanbase is huge! And yes, if you haven’t already guessed this sculpture symbolises love. Which is very fitting as you’ll fall in love with The Venetian quickly. Kimpton aims to depict the message that you should be free to ”love whoever you want, the way you want”. The art and architecture of this hotel blend perfectly to make this hotel one of Las Vegas gems.

El Cortez Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

El Cortez Hotel & Casino is located on Fremont Street and has become an iconic location in the bustling energy of Downtown Las Vegas. The resort is historic and features a vintage style with old architecture and dated but beautiful interior throughout. The view from the top floors is magnificent and looks over Las Vegas city (it’s particularly beautiful at night). Many tourist attractions and restaurants are located close by so you’ll never run out of things to do. The casino floors are well-equipped so you can spend hours of fun there with a wide range of gaming options. It has some of the most well-known and played slot games from all over the world! If you check out you can find a list of the most popular slots.

The historic El Cortez Hotel & Casino features many unique and creative art installations. It features a powerful mural by local artist ORFIN who is very much in the spotlight in Las Vegas currently. His artwork is beautifully incorporated into the architectural elements of the building. He specializes in fine art paintings, murals and graphic design. Many locals and tourists visit El Cortex specifically to see ORFIN’s work and celebrate the local artistic talents. Each premium floor of the hotel (and casino) features a mural by ORFIN, each one with a different colour scheme and theme. So you’re surrounded by his beautiful, unique murals when visiting this resort. It’s a must-see when in Las Vegas!

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