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They are back! True Kolinsky sables!

Save 40% off on brushes from Davinci, Escoda, Princeton, Isabey and Grumbacher
Sable/Kolinsky Brushes are not really made from sable hair at all. The hair comes from the tail of a species of mink that is a member of the weasel family, and is found in Siberia and northeastern China. Because of its strength, spring, and ability to retain shape (“snap”), it is considered the finest fiber for watercolor and oil brushes. It holds a very fine point or edge. Kolinsky is considered to be a professional grade of hair, and if properly cared for, it will last for many years.

Princeton Catalyst 30% off
Princeton Catalyst Polytip Bristle Brushes are another Princeton breakthrough that advances the science of synthetic hair.

For the first time, the tip of each individual hair has been split to replicate the natural flags on the finest natural bristle. By giving each individual hair two to three distinct tips, Polytip bristles are able to hold a higher volume of paint while providing smoother application.

These brushes are super stiff yet still extremely responsive. Designed for use with medium to heavy body acrylics (as well as oil paints), Catalyst Brushes push even heavy gel mediums with assurance. And unlike natural hog bristle, which can be rendered useless when water-soaked, Catalyst Brushes have real integrity in water.

Black Diamond Bristle Brushes 40% off
Goldenedge Taklon Brushes 40% off
Davinci Maestro bristle Brushes 40% off
New Princeton Elite Synthetic kolinsky 30% off

Winsor&Newton 30% off
M Graham 30% off
Old Holland’s New Masters 25% off

M Graham Oils 30% off
Classico 30% off
Williamsberg 30% off
Georgian Water mixable and traditionals 30% off

Water Miscible Oils are similar to regular oil colors, but they contain a modified oil binder that can be cleaned up with water. Once dry, the paint layer resists water just as conventional oil colors do, with a drying time similar to that of traditional oils. Clean-up is easier, requiring none of the solvents which can have harmful side effects. Water miscible oils can be mixed with conventional oil colors and mediums, but the resulting mixture may lose its water-mixable characteristics. They can also be thinned with water, but doing so will tend to make the paint film duller and will cause a color shift from wet to dry. Use of water miscible mediums is recommended.


Dan Smith 15ml and new 5ml tubes 30% off
Winsor& Newton 25% off
M Graham 30% off

Fluid sheets and blocks 25% off
Fabriano Watercolor blocks 30% off
Studio Watercolor pads hot and cold pressed 25% off
Strathmore Toned pads 25% off
Studio Stretched Canvas 50% off
Masterpiece Canvas 40% off

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